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Plunk... Gurgle... I Hope You Have Insurance on Your Cell Phone

  Tip #3 Other than keeping your phone in your car, how do you make sure you have a dry phone onboard? Well, it’s not super difficult.  Sure… there are more ways for it to get wet, but other than dropping it overboard get a dry bag. A dry bag can come in handy for your clothes, wallet, purse, cash… and phone.  But what if you want to use your phone. Insert rolling eyes… you’re on a boat, other than checking the GPS, Weather, or submitting your photos to Pontoon Girl (hint) – enjoy the beautiful nature around you!  Put the phone in a dry bag… ok but you can also get a waterproof case, preferably one that floats. What...

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How Slow is Too Slow When Docking A Boat?

The question is how slow is too slow for docking a boat?  The answer is in nearly every situation there really isn’t a too slow option. Outside of my dad who can dock a boat quickly... I don't know of too many people that can make a boat stop on a dime.  When we were kids he’d bring a boat into our slip at fast speed, cut the engine and it would just stop.  I really have no idea how this magic occurred, my sister tried it and ran the boat up on the dock – it was funny.  Except that my dad caught her doing it and well, he was not impressed. Anyway… the best advice is to go...

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Four Things You Must Have on Every Boat Ride

What do a flashlight, mirror, garbage bags and duct tape have in common? They are all things you need on your boat.  Even if it’s a day trip…   It might seem like a strange combination but start with duct tape.  It fixes anything.  From that small pinhole leak in your air mattress to an actual hole in your boat or hose…  It’s not a permanent cure all, but it sure can be a nice fix! The garbage bags might seem like an obvious "go to" on a boat.  After all, there’s not a lot of room so it’s best to get the stinky garbage contained in a sack that repels water, right?!?! But what about if it rains… ever thought...

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