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Be Aware - Things Change Quickly on a Pontoon

OK, what do we mean by common sense, we are referring to operating a boat at a safe speed. Earlier we discussed the docking SLOW.  Which is key to not hitting anything.  But operating at a speed that you can handle is also key to success.  In addition, do not overload your boat, or should we say be aware of how you load the boat.  If everyone is on one side of the boat, including while you are anchored, you can tip.  Again, it’s common sense but often you forget when you’re not in motion! This rule also holds true for going outside the rails.  Safety is important on a boat so best case is you break a railing holding...

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Why Ethanol (E15) is Bad for Boats – the really quick version.

Gasoline is not your most exotic boat accessory purchase, but it will be your most frequent.  Yesterday the EPA moved ahead with its plan for E15.  I thought I’d explain the basics of why ethanol and boats do not mix. Ethanol is a solvent.  It dissolves seals, gaskets, hoses and fiberglass fuel tanks.  Boats are different […]

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