Pontoon Girl® Party PopTails

If this isn’t the easiest way to enjoy the boat on a summer day…. Wow.
Get some white wine or champaign and plop a popsicle in it.  Let it melt – it’s fun, you have a stir stick built right in and it’s a fun conversation piece.   Kids version? Use 7 Up.

BARGAIN!… You’ve reached our first milestone in the Pontoon Girl Practical Tip Series…  Tomorrow we have a One Time Only offer you’ll love. It’s the coolest in onboard party beverages.  It’s easy to transport, easy to use, and super tasty.  You can make it with or without alcohol, but it’s sure to be fun for all of your friends.  Lots of memories and photos when you bring out this cool new product… come back to tomorrow for a special 24 hour sale!

(photo source: Pinterest)